Lost & Found: Essays

If there was one thing I craved, it was adventure. From running in the Paris marathon, to bungee jumping in New Zealand, to watching the sunrise at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, I spent my twenties and thirties traveling across the U.S. and around the world in search of new experiences. But as I indulged my wanderlust, I noticed I seldom looked inward to explore myself: What did I want, and where was I really going?

In this collection of twenty-three essays, I discover amazing places—and bit by bit, myself. “Up Fever Slope” follows my trek up Mount Kilimanjaro and the dangers of ignoring altitude sickness. During “A Lesson in Safety,” I recklessly ride my motorcycle from Cambridge to Walden Pond on the day I first learn how to ride it. In Asia, while grieving a failed relationship, I meet a young Chinese woman waiting to take a boat down the Li River and experience the joy of making a genuine connection in “Walkabout Love.” And in “Learning to Love My Fate,” I begin to finally realize that everything I’m searching for, I just might already have.

I’m seeking a publisher or literary representation for Lost & Found. If you’re interested in reviewing the manuscript, please contact me at dustin.grinnell [at] gmail.com.