A team of scientists has created an innovative cognitive enhancer that creates geniuses. Working with a pharmaceutical CEO, Stanford neuroscientist Alan Pierce and psychiatrist Michelle Emmett test the powerful smart drug on a special operations team of soldiers that was assembled to preventatively assassinate future global threats. But the scientists and the military team’s leader, David Landry, soon discover a disturbing side effect. While the drug stimulates dramatic increases in intelligence it also turns its users into clinical psychopaths.

The Genius Dilemma is a fast-paced and information-packed science fiction/action adventure novel that explores man’s inherent desire for progress, our seemingly endless fascination with enhancing the human body and mind, and Mother Nature’s rebellion to our oftentimes reckless curiosity.

“An original, superbly crafted, page-turning thriller of the first order, The Genius Dilemma will have strong appeal for fans of science fiction action/adventure novels replete with unexpected and dramatic plot twists, turns, and surprises. Solid entertainment from beginning to end, and highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.” Midwest Book Review (August, 2014)

The Genius Dilemma delves into the old belief that there’s a thin line between genius and insanity. When the stakes are high for doing wrong, will we still choose to do right?” – Karen Pirnot, Readers’ Favorite

“A science-based, action-adventure story with thorough research about brain science and intelligence-enhancing drugs. – Compass Book Ratings

“A fascinating story about the search for a way to enhance intelligence and an Alzheimer’s cure. The Genius Dilemma will have you turning pages, and you’ll be loath to turn to bed until the wee hours.” – Mover Mike

“An imaginative and adventurous science fiction thriller. Could a drug of this nature be created? Would the military use it, if so? Would this be a good thing, or a bad thing?” – Valerie Mitchell, Mama Likes This

 “The action flows from the conflict between those who see intelligence enhancement as a problem, and those who think it’s an advantage. You’ll keep turning the pages to see what happens next.” – Lis Carey’s Library

“The story idea is fascinating and captivating for a wide audience. Very creative, ever changing, and hard to put down.” – Live to Read

“Part thriller, part sci-fi, and action packed. The link between intelligence and insanity is interesting to muse over. Engaging all the way through.” – Steampunk Sparrow’s Book Blog

“A complex, very-near-future, it-could-yet-be-possible science thriller. With any advance, there are also the inevitable accompaniments of human greed, and unexplored tragic side effects.” – Mallory Heart Review 

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