© Healing by Wesley Usher. Spring 2020 Intima A Journal of Narrative Medicine

The Healing Book

These twelve stories feature unique journeys of self-discovery and healing. In each story, the characters are searching for meaning in their lives as they navigate the complexities and absurdities of modern life. Most of these stories are based on events from my life. Five have published in popular and literary journals.

In “A Case of Aphantasia,” Theodore’s aphantasia (lack of a mind’s eye) is cured in therapy using a new digital technology, but then he’s pulled into a virtual reality from which he is powerless to leave. In “The Good Parent,” Kate rejects her overprotective mother’s style of parenting and tries a new philosophy: free-range parenting. In “Going Through the Motions,” Graham searches for ways to manage his rebellion against self-help literature and the conventional values of society. A theoretical physicist in “Searching for Meaning in the Stars” writes a memoir about overcoming an existential crisis. In “Beyond Medicine,” a neurosurgeon travels to Peru hoping an ayahuasca healing ceremony will cure her depression. A student filmmaker in “Cubicle” discovers loneliness, absurdity, and cruelty in the halls of Corporate America—but also finds his artistic voice. And in the title story, “The Healing Book,” a physician attempts to cure his wife from terminal cancer by writing a book capable of healing her body.

I’m seeking a publisher or literary representation for The Healing Book. If you’d like to review the manuscript, please contact me at dustin.grinnell [at] gmail.com.